Online Casino Trends You Shouldn’t Expect in 2020

Just like any industry, the online gambling market is associated with many problems and gaps that are being constantly worked on and invented. Although modern technology develops so fast, it is not always possible to fix all the issues in one go. Some of them require complex solutions and special approach. In this post, we have collected the most pressing issues of the online gambling market whose “fixes” you shouldn’t expect in 2020. Of course, it doesn’t mean that there will be no solution at all. Just it will not be introduced so soon.

#1 – Fraud

Fraud is considered one of the most pressing problems in the field of online gambling. The CASEXE researcher has carried out a large-scale study aimed at identifying the most basic problems faced by online casinos. The work of companies operating both in European countries and in North America has been taken into account.


The first place among the most pressing problems identified by the research agency was a fraud. The issue was reported by 94 percent of survey participants. Almost all online casino owners have shown concern about the activities of the so-called casino hunters and cheaters. At this moment, the issue has been partly resolved with the introduction of the socket security layer technology. However, there are still some gaps in the solution.

#2 – Multiple Account Management

Another thing that many market players flagged about was the creation of multiple accounts by the same player. It was mentioned by 75 percent of the respondents. Financial fraud and other types of fraud in online casinos scored 31 percent each. These days, the problem is taken under control by the casino administration, constantly monitoring user behavior and longs on the site. However, it is expected that the process will soon be automated.

#3 – Game Quality

A lot of people have raised their concerns about game content. The most common concerns address overly frequent dropouts of beneficial options for players – 65% of respondents are dissatisfied with this, unfavorable software delivery terms (44%), and various technical failures in the process of running games (29%). Of course, if you gamble at a professional bitcoin casino, you will hardly be faced with the problem of poor-quality games. What is more, leading gaming software developers are constantly expanding the feature set of gaming products they produce. 

#4 – Imperfection of Payment Systems

Both casino players and owners of online gambling companies are not too happy with the unstable operation of payment systems. The main problem that 72% of respondents complained about is the limitation of payments from other countries. Now, the problem has been partially fixed thanks to the introduction of digital payment systems to the online gambling segment.

Final Thoughts

The results of a survey conducted by CASEXE confirmed that despite the constant development of the online gambling industry, it still requires improvement, optimization of all business processes. Luckily, modern technology doesn’t stand still, and new solutions are being launched almost every day.

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