Myths About Bitcoin Slots You Should Forget About

The work of slot machines is significantly different from the operation of online roulette or many card games. One-armed bandits offer higher winning odds, come with a multitude of bonus features, and can add a couple of millions of bucks to your wallet. With all the above in mind, it is no wonder that bitcoin slots are so popular and that there are so many myths about this category of crypto casino games. In this post, we will talk about different misconceptions and misbeliefs about online slots.

Myth #1

There is such a betting system that allows you to win 100% of the time.


Unfortunately, there is no 100% winning strategy for crypto slots. In honest casinos, all machines work according to the random number generator algorithm, that is, the symbols on the active lines drop out randomly. With the help of the so-called “winning strategies,” you can reduce the risk of losing all the money in one go. However, this doesn’t mean that you can get rich quick with such a tactic.

Myth #2

Playing a slot that hasn’t been giving a jackpot for a long time will make you a winner.


The random number generator does not take into account past game results, so this myth is fundamentally wrong. Still, there are bitcoin casinos where you can win with a greater probability: they offer provably fair slots with a return of over 96% and lots of free spins.

Myth #3

The outcome of a bonus game where a player chooses a card is always predetermined.


The location and suit of cards in the bonus game are generated randomly, so the chance of winning by choosing the highest out of 2 cards is 50%.

Myth # 4

Beginners are inevitably lucky, so you need to play for real money on new bitcoin slots right away.


In fact, newbies are equally lucky as seasoned players. However, not knowing the rules of the game, a new player risks choosing the wrong betting strategy and losing all the money on an unfamiliar slot. Therefore, before placing bets with real money, it is better to practice in a free mode.

Myth # 5

All slots give out certain combinations cyclically, so it is possible to trace this cycle and determine at what time winning combinations appear on the lines.


This statement comes with no substantiation. There are no cycles in the work of the random number generator; it is based solely on the theory of probability. So, determining and tracking a cycle will be of no value.

Final Say!

Unfortunately, there are many varied myths around slot machines. Some of them may have made sense many years ago when older mechanical devices have been offered for play. But most of them are simply invented by players. To get the max out of the game, we highly recommend keeping data from the article in mind. The post answers most of the pressing questions.

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