The Weirdest Online Casino and Gambling Laws

All over the world, the gambling business is faced with difficulties and legal restrictions. These prohibitions sometimes make no sense and sound weird. Although some regulatory statements are absurd, they still work and are adhered to. In this post, we will take a look at some of the weirdest online casino and gambling laws.

#1 – Australia

In 2010, the Australian Government made it mandatory for players to enter the amount they are willing to spend on each game before the session in order to close access to the online gambling hall when the limit is reached. As their response to the regulatory act, NSW and the Australian Hotels Association launched a $20 million marketing campaign against the reform and donated $1.3 million to the two leading parties. A year later, the law was canceled. At the same time, a new ban was introduced. It referred to the use of ATMs in casinos and gambling houses so that players could not lose more than they can afford.

#2 – France

The legalization of gambling in France was possible, thanks to Cardinal Mazarin. In his time, representatives of high society were simply obliged to visit casinos from time to time. The most popular entertainment was a roulette game. You will be surprised to know that it is casinos that allowed Napoleon to replenish the treasury and create a strong army significantly.

#3 – Great Britain

UK laws officially prohibit gambling. However, there are many exceptions. For example, gambling is allowed for members of private clubs. Earlier, you had to spend a couple of years to get membership in such elite clubs; it is today issued in five minutes. Thus, to play prohibited slot machines in London, you just need to buy a membership card at the entrance to the casino. Its validity period is 24 hours.

#4 – Greece

In September 2002, the country passed a law banning video games in Internet cafes. On December 8, 2003, it was revised to cover a ban on all electronic games as well. As a result, even Playstation and online chess were banned. In this way, the local government tried to combat the spread of gambling.

#5 – USA

Oklahoma Law 21-294 prohibits the use of the three-card cheating scheme. According to the regulatory act, conductors in railway transport and other station employees have the right to arrest those who use this “scheme” on the train, at the railway station or at any bus station. They are obliged to call for help and passers-by in order to detain the criminals.


Another weird law issued by the state is the Losers Act. The document states that in some states (such as Kentucky), losers can officially sue winners to recover losses. Those who have lost more than $5 in the casino game can sue the winner within five years.

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